Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil contains one of nature’s most well balanced ratios of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids, as well as Omega-9 GLA. These ‘healthy fats’ are vital as they carry and distribute oxygen throughout the body, expel toxins, lubricate joints, and improve circulation and tissue elasticity. 

Online orders for Good Seed Hemp products will resume at the end of the summer once we've harvested all of our grain. If you have other inquiries, please feel free to email us.

Case of twelve 250mL bottles of Organic Hemp Oil
20L Pail of Organic Hemp Oil with spout
Case of nine 500mL Bottles of Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Our Hemp Seed Oil is cold-pressed to ensure that vital enzymes and nutrients such as chlorophyll are not destroyed. If refrigerated, Hemp Seed Oil will last for 12 months.

Hemp Seed Oil can be used as a salad dressing, added to soups, butters, spreads, juices and smoothies, taken by the spoonful or used in any baking recipe. Hemp Seed Oil is best if eaten raw and should not be used for frying. Additionally, Hemp Seed Oil is a fantastic massage oil and body lotion, making skin soft and supple.